Hihka was born in Kati Launiainen's personal diary. The purpose of Hihka was originally to crystallize the insights and emotions of everyday life.
Hihka has been seen in murals as well as postcards, stickers, and a wide variety of other products. Hihka has also own vintage collection “Hihka was here” with Hihka-pictures on stylish, lovely hand-picked vintage denim clothes. They are all unique and made by an artist Kati L. Hihka announced also collection with Taiwanese OB Design on spring 2023, take a look from here. 
Hihka-picture can be ordered as a personalized gift based on photo or specific story or hobby of the recipient of the gift.
Hihka´s license agencies are in Finland Kream Helsinki, in Japan Crown Creative and in Taiwan InnoGlobe.  If you are interested to make co-operation with Hihka, don´t hesitate to take contact to Hihka´s license agencies or send DM via IG. FOLLOW Hihka in Instagram or Facebook