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At the moment: Hihka murals are coming to Redi Second Hand Market (Helsinki) on autumn ´22. 

Hihka street art happening in Helsinki City at July ´22

Hihka´s animation demos are in the making on autumn ´22. 

Hihka Exhibition in Papu Galleria, Helsinki January-February ´22.

April 2022 Hihka has signed a cooperation agreement with the Taiwanese licensing agency InnoGlobe.

June 2021 Hihka has signed a cooperation agreement with the Japanese licensing agency Crown Creative. The purpose of the cooperation is to bring Hihka products to the Japanese market through various brands. The agreement includes e.g. products such as home decor, clothing, toys and paper products.

November 2020 Hihka started cooperating with the licensing agency Kream Helsinki.

Neurotitan Shop Berlin sells Hihka prints

Mural exhibition in Sydämen pohjasta hairdresser.